Yoky's Short Story

The Ghost Ship

There was a man named Jack Ferriman (Canadian weather service pilot) who was offered a boat salvage crew (Captain Sean Murphy, Maureen Epps, Greer, Dodge, Munder, and Santos ) to discover a long-lost big Antonio Graze Ship. It was the biggest ship in Europe and was carrying all the wealthy people. The vessel mysteriously disappeared in 1962. And both the crew and the passengers were never heard from again. Everyone believed that ship got lost in international seas. so the Captain Agreed to bring it to port.

They had just sailed into international waters when suddenly their boat shook because it had crashed into the ship. They felt absolutely fascinated. When Captain Sean looked carefully into it,He was truly shocked because he knew about that historical ship. And then they boarded the ship and prepare to tow it,A strange things begin happen. Their boat was broken And can’t turn the machine on. So Santos go to the machine room and fix it. after he feel it already repaired, He come back to the Captain room and When he want to push the “on” button, there is a Child girl shouted “Noooo, don’t turn it on” but Santo doesn’t listen it, and Surprisingly their boat exploding and Santos died.

Captain Sean asked his crew to went up to the Antonio Ship. They spent the night there. The next day, Captain Sean and the crew try to find out what had caused damage. meanwhile they looking for it,Jack told epps discover a large quantity of gold.They announced all of crew. They were very happy, but Epps feels there was something inept. because epps had found child body in the cupboard.Immediately a young girl named Katie appeared and asked Epps to follow her. She showed Epps by her imagination when that ship had exited. It was a big party in ball room. All people danced , but Katie danced with the captain because she is alone at that time. Her parents is in USA and they asked Katie to go to USA with that ship.Suddenly a sharply string come along around the ballroom and killed all people except Katie. All the people ran, but the murderer killed all of them. And Epps Had seen that murder.

In Other Hand Geer Walks to the karaoke room and and sees a gorgeous singer. She flirted with Greer while he drunk and made him follow her until Geer fell and died.
In the Captain’s room , Captain Sean met he person who had been the ship’s captain. They are talking about that ship. how was it before, how the murdered happens.Captain Sean Asked if there anyone survived.Captain Sean absolutely shocked with the photo of survivor that had shown by the Captain. Constantly, Captain Sean ran away looking for the other crew. But too late, everyone have died except Epps. and Unfortunately He died in aquarium before meet Epps.

Epps had made bomb to explode that ship. Katie said the best thing Epps should do is make that ship sink. She shocked when saw Captain Sean died in the aquarium with the survivor photo in his arm. And then Epps just ran away to explode that ship. But Ferriman (yeah, The one man that was the survivor and the one that asked Epps crew to go to that ship) confronted her. He Has killed the last of her crew. He describes his job is collecting soul. But fortunately, Epps can sink that ship quickly. And all souls that have killed fly from under sea and go to the sky.

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