Toon's Short Story

The Letter

Dew had been a computer programme in Bangkok. She have only 1 best friend she’s name Kae. One day dew have to go Chiang Mai for the grandmother funeral the only cousin she has. In that time she met Ton. He is the environment researcher in Chiang Mai. They fall in love each other in the first time when they met. They spent short time together but she had to go back in Bangkok for work. They were contacting each other by phone everyday. In the same time Kae (Dew’s best friend) enjoyed with online chat.

On Valentine's Day Kae had date with the guys online. She invited Dew but she couldn’t go because she had got busy by her work. Also in that day Ton came to bangkok to visit her. They were talking until she didn’t realize Kae tried to called her. Because Kae wasn’t happy with the guy she met and she tried to stop the relationship with him. That made him got upset her a lot and she had gotten killed by him.

After Dew lost her best friend. She decided to move. She was going to live in her grandmother in Chiang Mai and planned to marry with Ton. One day when they cleaned the house. They saw a box with a lot of old letter from some guy sent to her grandmother. The letter talked about how much this guy love her grandmother. Ton felt impress the sentence in the letter.

After that Ton got sick and the doctor said that he has a brain tumor and that he would stay alive only few more month. Dew got big lost again in her life. She had to be alone with the broken heart. After the death of Ton, Dew decided to move back to Bangkok. However, the day she was planning to leave she surprisingly got a letter from her dead husband. Trying to understand where the letter was coming from, she decided to stay in Chang Mai. Eventually she found before Ton death that he spent his time writing letters for her in order to comfort her and help her to have the strength to stay alive. Few month after his death she gave birth to a son and had to take care of him.

Eventually, thanks to the letters, she recovered from her sadness and finally she had been able to live without her lost love, and raise her son, born after his husband dead.

By Panchuma N.(Toon)

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