Tony's Short Story

An anecdote

I was born in banana 1988. so it was amazing. when i was born , many people were looking at me. as soon as i was born , i stood on ground , so many people were surprised. that’s true.

believe me !!! so my parents told me , “ hey baby , i was extraordinary “ when i was 3 years old, i could fly in the air . but i was alone because i was not a normal person, so i was determined to make friends. when i was flying , i met a bird that is the most beautiful of birds. so i wanted to meet her.

i thought that she also loves me . we was getting love each other. when we got married, we wanted to have a baby. but we couldn’t have a baby .so we tried to artifical insemination . it was success!! so we had a baby . this was son !!! when he was born , we were happier than before.

now im 25years old. my wife died a last year. but im ok ! i must live with my son !!

we will get happier !!!

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