Tik S Short Story

This is a real story.

In my husband's house his brother died one day my husband and his sister waked up in the early morning she took a shower got dress up and prepare to school. after that she find her mobile phone but she can't see it. she said with her brother did you hide my phone? the answer is no why did I do that? why did my phone is disappear and then her mother shout from down stair you must go to school now and stop to play anything! while her and brother try to find mobile phone but they can't see it. they don't know how to do and she should go to school now. my husband he said with his sister you should go to school and I'll find that. however I don"t know what his thinking about " he said it don't joke lend her mobile phone now" a couple of minute later they found mobile phone close to her. they look at a face together what happen? I don't believe it. he known what is it maybe his brother want to kidding :)

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