Tak's Short Story



Two ugly sisters lived in a flat London. Suzerella was a university student who worked part-time as a cleaner for the two ugly sisters. The two ugly sisters were cruel and made her work very hard. A new nightclub opened, and a very handsome celebrity was going to open it. The ugly sisters and Suzerella really wanted to to go and meet him. The ugly sisters bought their tickets,but wouldn’t let Suzerella go. They made her stay at home and clean the floors.

On the opening night, Suzerella was at home, cleaning and feeling very sad. Suddenly, an angel appeared and smiled.The angel said I can help you to there!!Would you like to go?

Suzerella was very happy but she didn’t have a new dress so the angel gave her a beautiful new dress, carriage and driver to her but angel told she had to back before midnight. The carriage made from pumpkin and driver made from mouses.If she backs after 12.00a.m. everything will back to real.Then she went to the new nightclub. Everyone in the nightclub met her and they said she was the most beautiful. Many boys wanted to dance with her and a very handsome celebrity really interested her too.His name was Andrew. Almost girls jealous hers and The two ugly sisters couldn’t remember hers.

She danced with Andrew and they were very happy and Andrew fell in love her. They danced together until 12.00a.m.The bell rang. She had forgotten the time to go back.She ran quickly to back home.Andrew followed her but he couldn’t see her. He just looked her a shoe. It made from crystal. He was very upset but he had some idea!

His slaves announced around the village if who can wear this shoe that Andrew will marry with lucky girl.Two ugly sisters and every girls in village had heard news and Suzerella had heard this news too. Two ugly sisters didn’t want Suzerella went to try to wear shoe. They told her she had to cleaning their house, laundry, wash the dishes and many things.Suzerella was very upset.

Nobody could put on the shoe and They knew about Suzerella wasn’t try to wear yet.They gave a shoe for her to try and of course she can because it’s hers.

Andrew knew good news and then they were married and they lived happily ever after.

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