Siska Travel Email

Hai ,White. I have the story about my holiday. I have holiday in Bali.. Bali include my country. But Bali is beuatifull place. That most popular in the world. Many people came here.. In Bali there's old building like Pura, it;s a place where Hindu people pray.. Good looking.. There's also Kuta beach. I'm walking around the beach. There's also many places to shopping. I have try unique food , sate kura ( turtle skewer ). When I arrive in Bali, I'm stay in a hotel. A big hotel. I'm go to bali with my friends in school… Very happy. I see Kecak dancer, it's one of ceremony culture in my country. If you come here, you will have fun. In here you also to shopping… I'm reccomend you to come here.

1. I also really wanna go there . If i go there, how much money do i need?
- I don't know how much you need, but it's very cheap. if you got to come in Australia, you sure get to come Bali.

2. Plz tell me some more famouse places in Bali!
- Kuta Beach , Tanah Lot

3. I can't speak Indonasia , so can i speak English in Bali ?
- Yes , you can..

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