Poom's Short Story

Love for life

Once upon a time there was one husband called Mark with Kate his wife who had pregnant, Mark is conscripted and sent to war, where he is seriously wounded. While he is being nursed back to health, Kate and their child both die during a difficult childbirth.
When Mark returns home, however, he finds his loving wife and child waiting for him. Neighbors who try to warn him that he is living with a ghost are all killed.
One day, as Kate is cooking, she drops a lime off of the porch. In her haste, she stretches her arm to pick it up from the ground below. Mark sees it and at last realizes his wife is a ghost. Terrified, he tries to find a way to flee without alarming her.
Discovering her husband has fled, Kate pursues him. Mark sees her and conceals himself behind a mirror. A ghosts are afraid of the shadow. Mark then runs to church, which a ghost cannot enter, as it is holy ground.
In her grief, Kate terrorizes the people of Sydney, furious at them for causing Mark to leave her. However, Kate's ghost is captured by a powerful exorcist. Confining her in an earthen jar, he throws it into the rival.
Kate is conquered again by the priest. He helped Kate to reborn that in a future life she would be reunited with her beloved husband, and thus she voluntarily departed for the afterlife.

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