Ploy's Short Story

The Ghost at Ayudya

In big house don't have many people in there. I just come to there the frist time with my family becaue we just come to visit us conson he just sick last week ago
At night we are go to bed and i don't want to sleep now then i have watch television only one after that i heart sound like a people talking but sound that very soft i hear that it not clear then i walk follow that sound i stand here and i can't find anything!! did't see anyone !!
i scare and now how can i do i screem very noise becuse i feel like a someone touch me at the back after that my father ran to me and aked me
What's happen? what are u doing? but i am not answer him i am really chock!!
Fanally i don't want to go there anymore !! and i don't want to know where is sound that from? i promiss i don't do like this anymore!!hahaha!!

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