Petra's Short Story

Trip to Tunis

I had always wanted to go to a foreign country because I love travelling so I persuaded my mother to go somewhere. However, my mother did not enough money because she was a single mother.

When i was 15 years old i got from my mum trip finally i flew with my grandma, my sister and my acquaintances to Tunis.

When we boarded the plane, our pilot told us that there was a problem. All the passengers had to get off the plane. My grandma do not like flying and so this situation was very frustrating for her.

We had to wait six hours until our plane was ready. When we boarded again we started to worry because it was the same plane. Our pilot assured us that everything was fine.. I trusted him, but just until such time as the plane began to experience turbulence. Everyone started to panic. But finally the plane was calmed.

In Tunis we enjoyed our holiday. I had seen the sea first time. I liked it.

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