Ono's Short Story

Lao Tse

Long time ago, lived a wise man, named Lao Tse in China. He was a teacher with so many students.

But this time, I will write the story about his first student, named Kong. Kong was Lao Tse’s favourite students. He was smart and a good man.

One day in a market, Kong had an arguing with a store keeper. The storekeeper said that the result of three times three was eight, but Kong said that was wrong. The storekeeper was upset with Kong because he felt Kong tried to embarrassed him in front of people. So he decided to ask for advice from the wisest man in China, Lao Tse. If the storekeeper was right, Kong should leave the country and never come back, but if Kong was right, the storekeeper was ready to die in front of the people.

Lao Tse had come to listen to their problem. Finally, Lao Tse said that the storekeeper had told the truth, and Kong was wrong about the problem in his calculations. Kong was very disappointed with his teacher and ready to pack his belongings to leave. Before leaving, Lao Tse told him to bring an umbrella with him, not to bring a weapon, and not to kill anyone or anything.

Kong was on his way home when suddenly the rain started to fall. Luckily he had an umbrella with him. After he arrived home, he saw his wife was sleeping with a man. However, because of his teacher’s advice not to kill anyone, he just asked his wife about it. Surprisingly, the man that slept with his wife was his wife’s brother.

Kong felt very lucky, and thought his teacher was very wise. So he went back to his teacher and asked why he had made the storekeeper win though he knew that the storekeeper was very wrong. Lao Tse answered that if he made Kong win, they would have lost one man’s life. So he had chosen the best outcome for them.

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