Mint S Short Story

In the beginning, young people (about 4 people) wanted to jouney in a forest. They decided they wanted to rest a camp there. When the time to go arrived, they had a long weekend. They went there by a train and enjoyed together. When they arrived the forest, they set a camp together. Then they had a barbeque and they enjoyed the company. At night they danced and sang a song happily. Next morning while they have enjoyed a waterfall together, something happened accidentally. Bee (person's name) pretended to be drowned in the water but her friends hadn't know she was drowned truly. Unfortunately, her friends couldn't find her and they thought she died. Next another came back to the camp and went to sleep. Suddenly, her friends that were sleeping saw Bee was sleeping beside them. They were shocked and screamed loudly. At a few minutes, they ran away out the camp. Anyway Bee didn't understand why her friends escaped her. So, she catched up her friends. While her friends had run away because of being scared, they saw their died body near the waterfall but there wasn't body's Bee. That time they were so confused what happed about them. Eventually, they remembered that it had something wrong in the water. While they had played together

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