Mimi S Short Story

About 9 years ago, when I was a secondary school. My friend, Bay. we are really close friend. we always spent time together. that's time, the Love movie just came out and she borrowed me. we discuss about that movie because we really like the main actor and she said she would sent me back next week.
on Saturday, while I was playing game, my phone rang and I picked up then I was "Shock" because other friend told me that "Bay died"
first I was angry about my friend because I thought that he make a joke to me but it was NOT! Bay got terrible accident. we were really sad when we went to her funeral we thought that really shock that she died
More than that I was really frightened that I saw my DVD in my room that she borrowed. I still remembered that I did not get it from her yet! that night I try to sleep but I can't until the morning.
When I went to school and I talk to my friends about what was happen with me, My friend said that " you, too?" I guess " Maybe, Bay wanted to sent things to us before she GONE"

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