Mike's Short Story

Joe and the Giant Tree

Joe and his mother were very poor. They lived together in a very small house, and didn’t have enough food to eat. One day, they went to a market, so they could sell their TV to buy some food. While they were there, Joe’s mother went to see the other things for sale and asked Joe to stay and try and sell the TV. A man came up and asked Joe to sell him the TV for some ‘magic’ beans. Joe thought this was an excellent idea, and sold it to him.

When Joe’s mother returned, she was very angry, and couldn’t believe Joe had done that. When they got home, she threw the beans into the garden. The next morning, when Joe woke up, a huge tree had grown in the garden. Joe decided to climb it.

When he arrived at the top of the tree, he see a really huge castle. He try to go to that castle. But when he trying to open the door, he get distracted by a really lovely song by a harp at the top of the castle. So, he decided to climb the castle instead of go straight away from the front door.

When he was at second floor of the castle, he get scared by a really loudly voice and it’s come from a really huge giant. he almost falling down from his grip. So, he climbing to the top floor by really-really careful. When he arrived at the top floor, he see plenty of gold and treasure. he trying to take the treasure and gold. When he try to go out from the castle, he hear that harp song again. He follow the sound and he found a living harp and a golden hen which is every time the living harp playing a song, the hen lay a golden egg.

Because of Joe really love the song produced by that living harp, he decided to a leave all of the treasures and take the harp and the golden hen. He running out from the living harp room. But when he got to level two of the castle, suddenly, he see a giant chasing after him and screaming “GIVE ME BACK MY LIVING HARP AND GOLDEN HEN !!”
Joe running with his life while carrying the living harp and the golden hen. He jump to the tree that come from the bean and screaming to his mom to bring him an axe.

His Mom ask him what happening? Joe try to explain what already did happen. His mom screaming and running looking for an axe, because of the giant almost arrived to their house and his mom throw the axe to Joe. And Joe using the axe to cut the tree as fast as he can. just right before the giant going to jump to surface Joe already cut down the tree and the giant falling down from the tree and get crushed by the tree.

Joe and his mom become a rich family from the living harp and the golden han.

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