Jini's Short Story


When I was 7 years old, my sister was 5 years old.
We were playing dolls in my house. One day when one of my boyfriends came, we played for about 3 hours. It was really fun.
Suddenly my sisters ran to the window with my friend.Immediately heard “BANG” .
My mother and I were surprised and then we didn’t look my sister.
Because He had pushed her to out of window immediately she fad fell with a thud to downstair.

My mom was crying and we were going to hospital.
Fortunately she was fine. few days later, my friends didn’t come to my house eventually so we didn’t play together.
few months later, my family moved house we didn’t go to there.
Nowadays, I tell to my sister She doesn’t know about this accident.
I think obviously she doesn’t want to remind because she had very scared , worried about that.

Two years later, she had another accident. One summer, my family went to the sea with father’s friends family.
One night, my father and his friends went to night fishing with just one child.
It was my sister. A few hours later, my father hurried call my mother loudly and then mom ran to there .
My sister had got stuck the mud.Jellyfish was holding onto my sister’s right leg and was pulling her further and further down.
My sister was crying and shouted. They had no idea what to do because the centre had already closed.
Suddenly, my father’s friend arrived, carrying a shovel and dug a hole around her.
immediately jellyfish let go of her right leg so, They managed to pick out her from mud. One more time, fortunately She was fine.

My sister was mischievous until 18 years old.

After high school, she wanted be a Police. she’d liked to help some people.
she studied for 2 years. and this June she passed police exam and admissioned to a police school.

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