Hien's Short Story


Two ugly sisters lived in flat in London . Suzerella was a university student who worked part-time as a cleaner for the two ugly sisters . The two ugly sisters were very cruel and made her work very hard .

A new nightclub opened ,and a very the man was going to open it. The ugly sisters and Suzerella really wanted to go and meet him .

The ugly sisters bought their tickets ,but wouldn’t let Suzerella go.They made her stay at home and clean the floors .

On the opening night ,Suzerella stayed at home ,cleaning the floor and feeling very sad. Suddenly,an angel appeared in front of her eyes , angel disappeard everything already and angel helped Suzerella to make up so cute and keep for her one tickets and so that Suzeralla could go to nightclub and met him .

Suzeralla met the handsome guy and both very happy .When sisters saw Suzeralla and him sisters felt very angry ,sisters didn’t knew at the moment and sisters to agree and went out so Suzeralla was won people with sisters .The man was open with Suzeralla and both was felt so happy for the fisrt time met together .

when Suzeralla went home was her sisters so angry and go away suzeralla home , at the time Suzeralla didn’t known and then Suzeralla was crying at the time angle disappear help her and angle already for Suzeralla one house very big in the house had everything good for her .Suzeralla felt so happy and she said angle thankfully.

Suddenly, angle disappear and then Suzeralla had life for own ,from these sisters and suzeralla wasn’t trouble with together ,and by the time Suzeralla had good life with her boy friend ,a few month Suzeralla get married with her boy friend and have a son and her familly life happy forever……!

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