Helen's Short Story

Two ugly sisters

Two ugly sisters lived in a flat in London. Suzerella was a university student who worked part time as a cleaner for the two ugly sisters. The two ugly sisters were very cruel and made her work very hard.

A new nightclub was about to open, and a very handsome celebrity was going to open it.
the ugly sisters and suzerella really wanted to go and meet him.

The ugly sisters bought their tickets, but wouldn’t let suzerella go. They made her
stay at home and clean the floors.

On the opening night, suzerella was at home, cleaning and feeling very sad. Suddenly,an angel appeared and said “ why are you sad ? can i help you? “ Suzerella wanted to go to nightculb and had a new dress. So after that she gave a beautiful dress for Suzerella.

Suzerella was very happy and then she wore mask to party. When she got there , nobody was able to recognize her. At the party she met him, whose she want to see and talk. she was very luxurious among all women. But she didnt have friends, she was alone. Many people were surprised when he came and told with her as best friend. she appropriated his heart.They fell in love at first sight , two ugly sisters knew that who told with him , was Suzerella. Two ugly sisters were sad and felt they were wrong them action, which they made she was compelled to stay at home to clean. They were sorry to Suzerella, but Suzerella was very generous, she didn't care about that and didnt be angry them.

After many dating, they really became lovers. Two years later they got married, and had a son. They lived happily ever after.

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