Guntur Travel Email

Hi Gunawan, How are you???
I send email for you because I have story about my holiday in china. you know that place??
I going to china with my girlfriend because I never been there before.. many people says china is the good place to holiday and i wanna prove that. in china I stay in 5 star hotel, at the first day we go to macau to seen the casino and try to gambling at there..
and we wanna try grill pork at china restaurant, and we seen shaolin and kungfu in china. day two we go to great of wall in china and the wall very big and beautifull. i feel very amazing place at china. my be you can holiday in here.

- How is the weather? warm not to cool
- What kind of transportation can I use to go to macao? by ship.
- Did you win the game?win not to much.
- How much is the 5 star hotel? may be 60 dollars per night..

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