Darwin's Short Story

The lord of the chips

Once upon a time there were two best friends named Harold and Kumar. Harold n kumar were very excited about chips. one friday evening Harold just arrive at home after working at in one of the biggest companies in his town. Not long after Harold there was kumar arrive to in their small home. This home was Harold n kumar rent both. At almost 6 PM Harold n kumar started to get hungry.

Harold : kumar, do you know the best chips ever in this town?
Kumar : Yes, I know. The best chips I have ever eaten are at in Mctrump Restaurant.
Harold : oh yeah? I have heard of it before.
Kumar : yeah.. im starving now. What if we go there right now? But im forget where the location
Harold : yeah.. im starving too right now.. lets go… just look around maybe we can find it.

So Harold take his bike jacket and bike lock, and kumar gets their helmet. and their going to the city to find the best chips ever. on their way to the city bad things happened. when in the trafic lights harold didn’t saw the trafic lights is red that mean is must stop. but harold keep moving. and their stopped by a police.

Police : Good evening, do you realise you made a mistake?
Harold : No Sir, I didn’t
Police : You went through a red light and that was dangerous. someone will crash you.
and i have to punish you to pay to the government 200$
harold n kumar : ok sir. im sorry for that. thank you.
police : have a nice day, thank you

Harold and kumar is already starving until they arrive to the mctrump restaurant in pitt. st. the bad news was that the chips were out of stock. but harold n kumar doesn’t want to eat other food. all their want is only the best chips ever is mctrump chips. and their go to other mctrump restaurant branch

fortunately their arrive in the mctrump other branch and they got their chips and they bought a lot. and they ate with gusto until their very full and very satisfied. and their go home with happily

The End

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