Charlie S Short Story

Old woman had to undergo surgery at Bangkok's famous Bumrungrad Hospital. After that the doctors recommended she stay in the hospital for a few days while recovering. She was moved to room 905 on the 9th floor and she had her son look after her as always. But the son was not comfortable when he stayed there. After 2 days she talked with the doctors. and then she was go home.
When she had arrived home. she had told her son about why she had left form hospital early.She said she had seen a women wearing a white gown and headscarf standing at the corner of the room calling out to her. The first night she saw her. she thought she might be hallucinating from the medication but then when the same thing happened again. she was pretty sure something was not right in that room.So that why she had left from hospital early.
Then she had talked with someone she had been there.She told everything was happened same her. And maybe now she still there.

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