Anne S Short Story

Les Miserables

A man was in there. He name was Jean Valjean. He had a older sister and sister's children.
One day he tried to steal some bread in a bakery. He already knew about stealing was bad.
However why he had to that because he's famliy were pool and they couldn't eat anything for 7days. Finally he was arrested by police. After he went to prison, his sister died and sister's children left the street. So he tried to escape from the prison twice unfortunately he didn't succeed.

19 years later eventually he got out the prison but no-one accepted him. Fortunately a bishop welcomed him, gave a place for rest and brang some meal but Jean Valjean stole again what was bishop’s dishs of silver. The next morning Jean Valjean was arrested by police again but the bishop said that Jean Valjean didn’t steal anything, just gave him dishs and candlestands of silver. So he gave freedom but he knew himself.

Many years later, he changed himself even his name but one police who name of Javert, he was still looking for Jean Valjean. This time Jean Valjean met a woman whose name was Fantine. She was worker in Jean Valjean’s factory but she was fired. She had a daughter whose name was Cosette but she couldn’t care her child so Cosette was cared by a hotel keeper. But Fantine died because she was sick. After met Fantine, Jean Valjean promised to her that he’d keep her child. He kept it after her died.

Cosette grew up and she fell in love with a man whose name was Marius. But they couldn’t be together because there was revolution about politics. He was the revolutionist with his friends. One day, French people revolted to King and then so many people was died by police but Marius could survived because Jean Valjean saved him. Their revolution didn’t succeed but their soul was left in there. Eventually Cosette and Marius got married.

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