Allen Travel Email

I have been to south island of Japan called Kyu syu. I stayed at a motel in nakas in hukuoka city for 4 days.
I ate ramen and another foods. I went there with my high school friend. The second day, I visited the Gumamoto castle where built a long time ago. I entered to Canal city which is shopping mall. I climbed to vocano called 'Aso san' by cable car. One day, I rent a bycycle to look around small town. Japan's transportation and food are entirely expensive. but There were many beutiful moutains and town.
If you have enugh time to travel, It is a good idea to go to kyusue in Japan. I also hope to go another islands in Japan. Especially, I want to go to Tokyo which is capital of Japan.

is it expensive holiday in there?? no, just I spent $400 on traveling
how much you rent the bycyle??? 2Dollar an hour.
what language do you use in there??? I spoke in Japanese.

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