Ae Travel Email

Hi..Honey ^^

What's crackin' dude?.. long time no see. Do you know? I went to Korea with my close friend, it's really Awesome!! I was eating a lot of korea food, All thing i really love Pulkoki,very yummy and first for soju. it is the best of the world!! hahaha…^^ It was sick!!, so we were drinking too much and after that we didn't know anything!! ….hahaha I thought " I want came back to the hotel,But Where is it!!?". Next day, we went to Kyoungbok Gong, It's amazing!! after that we want to went to Everland, but we lose oneself. We were so screwed!! hahaha ^^ …no worry, this thim we have been helped by the Korean guy.He gave us some direction. Oh!! Good Guys!! ^^That's new experience!!
Now we're really, really far apart!! But it's not bad, right? because you can come to me and I can visit you. hahaha… I hope we will travel around the world together soon!!. Are you remember, we're slogan?!! "Smile, Smile and Smile because if you smile everythings are friends, and don't worry good things will come to you.!! flight!!" …You're my close friend, dear..

I wish you where here,
Jeney (ae)

where are you staying in Korea?… I was staying in Kangnum.
what is name you hotel? Sorry,…I can't remember.
are you spending for travelling in Korea?…I don't understand this question. What do you mean?

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