Aaron Travel Email

Hello Karen!.

I'm writting this e-mail in Japan . yes i'm travelling in Japan !!!!!!!
My mind is changing After i came here. In fact i had bad feeling about Japan
I know you can Guess about that. we had terrible history with japan .
But It just old japanese people did, I think we don't have to bad feeling about japan any more
I met some japanese people. they were very kind , clean and easy going. anyway im really happy to spend my holiday in japan
Anyway !!
I went Beppu water yesterday, Beppu has one of famouse springs in Japan!.It was amazing !!!!!!!! . They called that 'Hell springs' in Beppu.
Infact we can not jumped in there because they have temperature of 100 degress!!!!
The funny thing is they always put eggs in the water! The water always boil only nature effect ! It was amazing !!
now im satying at 4stars hotel. i like japanese foods , i became to like japanese foods
I hope that you will come to Japan and see that i saw and change your mind about japan !!! .
Sorry but i have to go now .. Im gonna go out for grog with my japanese friends !! .
Good bye take care ^^

with who are you go there? - I came here with my school mate
how about the weather in japan? - The weather is winter now/… so cazy cold … i will be frozen
when are you come back? - I dont wanna go back to korea … … around next week .

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