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Instructions for making and sharing Google Documents

March 4, 2015

Watch today's BTN videos here-
Freedom Ride
Solar Energy
Wheelchair Day
Amateur Astronomer

February 25, 2015

Watch today's BTN videos here-
Chinese Migration
Time Zones
Nuclear Industry

February 18, 2015

Watch today's BTN videos here-
Dairy Diet
World Radio Day
Soccer Kids

February 11, 2015

Watch today's BTN videos here-
Bushfire Escape
Broken Hill

January 28, 2015

Watch today's BTN videos here-
Species List
Rosetta Mission
Fairy Business

January 21, 2015

Watch today's BTN videos here-

January 14, 2015

Watch today's BTN videos here-
Drowning Report
Student Satellites

January 7, 2015

Watch today's videos here-
First Fleet
Hot Koalas

November 6, 2014

Advice Column - Go Here

September 24, 2014


Watch the video here.

October 23, 2013

TED Talk- Jamie Oliver

September 25, 2013

Movie: Up

  • Look at some clips from the movie (scroll down to near the end of the page).
  • Read the script, and print off a section that you would like to act out.
  • Practise the script, acting it out with your partner.
  • Act out the scene for the rest of the class.

September 11, 2013

Reading Test

Marvel Adventures Iron Man #2- "Enter the Dragon"

August 15


Comic- Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man

December 12

Writing- Resumes

Click HERE for the worksheet

Make the resume and cover letter in Google Documents. Use the instructions below to rename and share your work with me.

December 6

Reading- Jobseeker Websites -

Click HERE for the worksheet

Click HERE for the answer key


  1. Open the worksheet
  2. Login to your Google account, or sign up if you don't have one
  3. Go to File > Make a Copy
    1. Don't delete or change the file name, but insert your name into the file name. e.g. Rd- frank Jobsite webquest
    2. Click OK
  4. Go to Share > Private > Change…
    1. Select Anyone with the link
    2. Change Can view to Can edit
    3. Click Save
  5. In Add people…
    1. Insert my email address
    2. Click Done
  6. Start doing the questions on the worksheet
  7. You don't need to save, Google does this automatically

November 7

Wrt- Biography of a famous person - Click HERE

Go to the assessment page to see students' work.

October 25

Famous Australians - Click HERE

October 18

Reading Test

Marvel Adventures Iron Man #2- "Enter the Dragon"
Test Question Sheet

September 25


Comic- Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man
Comic- Marvel Adventures: Iron Man

April 3

Have a quick look at some real travel blogs-
Kissed by a Koala
Kings Canyon

Group 1 Blog
Group 2 Blog
Group 3 Blog
Group 4 Blog
Group 5 Blog
Group 6 Blog

March 20

Capital Letters and Punctuation

Instructions: Copy and paste these two paragraphs into a Word document, then edit the mistakes with capitals and punctuation.

  1. how are you after i left you in cape town i decided to get a cheap flight to new zealand because i wanted to walk along the milford track have you heard about it
  2. luckily we were blessed with sunny weather which is amazing since mackinnon pass is one of the wettest places on earth unfortunately on the last day the weather broke and it poured down and was quite cold

Excerpt from Real Writing 3, Unit 5


Your Travel E-mail

You are on holiday somewhere and you want to tell your friend about it.
Write an email to another classmate about your holiday.
Remember to use 4 paragraphs, and give interesting details to give your reader a general impression.
Click on your name below to start writing your email.

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